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2013-09-20 10:25:11 by 24901miles

Seven Lions



This as a thread.

Some Words

From here. Kummerspeck, Shemomedjamo, Tartle, Mamihlapinatapai, Backpfeifengesicht, Iktsuarpok, Pelinti, Greng-jai, Menolek, Faamiti, Gigil, Yuputka, Zhaghzhagh, Vybafnaut, Fremdschämen, Myötähäpeä, Lagom, Pålegg, Layogenic, Bakku-shan, Seigneur-terraces, Ya’arburnee, Pana Po’o, Slampadato, Zeg, Cafun, Koi No Yokan, Kaelling, Boketto, L’esprit de l’escalier, Cotisuelto, Packesel, Hygge, Cavoli Riscaldati, Bilita Mpash, Litost, Luftmensch, Schlemiel, Schlimazel

From here (with duplicates)

Koi No Yokan, Age-otori, Waldensamkeit, Manja, Backpfeifengesicht, Sgriob, Wabi-Sabi, Bakku-shan (butterface), Meraki, Nunchi, Mamihlapinatapei, Pena Ajena, Pochemuchka, Schadenfreude (Eng-adopted), Taarradhin, Tatemae, Honne, Yoko meshi, Fremdschämen, Aware (Japanese word), Wei-wu-wei, Bricoleur, Duende, Saudade, Hyggelig, Ya'aburnee, L'appel du vide, Tingo, Jayus, Prozvonit, Kyoikumama, Tartle, Iktsuarpok, Cafuné, Torschlusspanik, Ilunga, Dépaysement, Kitsch, Litost, Toska, Shemomedjamo, Pelinti, Layogenic, Rhwe, Zeg, Pålegg, Lagom, Gezellig, Greng-jai, Kaelling, Arigata-meiwaku, Desenrascanço, Forelsket, Gigil, Guanxi, L’esprit de l’escalier, Avant-Garde (Eng-adopted), Kummerspeck, Verschlimmbesserung, Orenda, Gâchis, Weltschmerz, Kalpa, Razbliuto, Uitwaaien, Qualunquismo, Zalatwic, Zhaghzhagh, Yuputka, Slampadato, Luftmensch, Iktsuarpok, Cotisuelto, Pana Po’o, Gumusservi, Vybafnout, Mencolek, Faamiti, Glas wen, Boketto, Pisan Zapra, Pesmenteiro, Shitta, Manque, Tsujigiri, Savoir-faire


Aaaaaand... They added Chutzpah without adding Jihad. Funny that both have the same meaning, but to majority English culture, they have ethically distinct subjective associations.

Words/Phrases already borrowed/common: Joie de vivre, C'est la vie, Schadenfreude

Some Punctuation

·    Interpunct 249 | 0183

•                       Bullet 0149

†                              Dagger

‡               Second Dagger

″                        Ditto mark

№                             Numero

‰                              Per mil

‱                      Basis point

¶                            Pilcrow 

′                       First Prime

″                 Second Prime

‴                     Third Prime

§                            Section

|                     Vertical Bar

¦                      Broken Bar

‖                       Magnitude

∣                     Dividing Bar

⁂                         Asterism

❧            Hedera / Fleuron

☞                      Index / Fist

‽                    Interrobang

◊      Lozenge / Diamond

⁀                                    Tie

Some Syntax

‣ Trailing subjects ↠ To the bar went they.

‣ Poetic inversions? ↠ Away the bar their path wouldn't stray.

Strange, Rare, and Awful English Honorificabilitudinitatibus, Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, Glyph, Floccinaucinihilipilification, Flibbertigibbet, Schizm, Strengthed, Grok, Dartle, Squawk, Plod, Vex, Pusillanimous, Superfluous, Pulchritude

Overused words So, just, even, the, is, if, it, at, to, of, a, an

Stolen from Supergandhi64"in my opinion the hardest words from a colloquial vocabulary to use correctly in context are in alphabetical order"

abjure, abrogate, acrimony, acumen, adumbrate, alacrity, approbation, arrogate, assiduous, blandish, brusque, buttress, calumny, capricious, clemency, cogent, concomitant, credulity, cupidity, cursory, deleterious, demure, deride, dessicated, diaphanous, diffident, discursive, dissemble, ebullient, effrontery, effulgent, egregious, enervate, ephemeral, evanescent, evince, exculpate, execrable, expiate, expunge, extant, extol, fastidious, fatuous, fecund, fetid, fractious, garrulous, grandiloquence, gregarious, hackneyed, hapless, harangue, hegemony, iconoclast, ignominious, impassive, imperious, impetuous, impinge, implacable, incontrovertible, indefatigable, ineffable, inexorable, ingenuous, inimical, intransigent, inure, invective, inveterate, juxtaposition, laconic, languid, largess, legerdemain, licentious, limpid, magnanimous, malediction, manifold, maudlin, mawkish, mendacious, mercurial, modicum, morass, multifarious, munificence, myriad, nadir, nascent, nefarious, neophyte, obdurate, obfuscate, oblique, obsequious, obstreperous, obtuse, odious, officious, opulent, ostensible, palliate, pallid, panacea, paragon, pariah, parsimony, paucity, pejorative, pellucid, penurious, perfidious, perfunctory, pernicious, perspicacity, pertinacious, petulance, pithy, platitude, plethora, polemic, portent, precocious, prescient, primeval, probity, proclivity, promulgate, propensity, propitious, prosaic, proscribe, protean, prurient, puerile, pugnacious, pulchritude, punctilious, quagmire, querulous, quixotic, rancor, recalcitrant, rectitude, replete, reprobate, reprove, repudiate, rescind, restive, ribald, rife, sacrosanct, sagacity, salient, sanctimonious, sanguine, scurrilous, serendipity, servile, solicitous, solipsistic, somnolent, spurious, staid, stolid, surfeit, surmise, surreptitious, tacit, taciturn, tantamount, temerity, tenuous, timorous, torpid, tractable, transient, transmute, trenchant, truculent, turgid, turpitude, ubiquitous, umbrage, unctuous, undulate, upbraid, vacillate, vacuous, variegated, veracity, verdant, vicissitude, vitriolic, vituperate, wanton, winsome, wistful, wizened, zenith & zephyr author and AI


John Locke

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Jeremy Bentham

John Stuart Mill



Stéphane Mallarmé

Charles Baudelaire



NOAA $250,000/yr

Regulatory overreach crowds out hobbyists

Cornet?  Trumpet.

Bass Rocks CC



NOAA marine biologist




Nathan's younger sister

6 ft 22.5" white oak, Spring-Summer 2015



75lb anvil (out)

2 toolboxes

1 hammer

post vice







Molecular gastronomy







Elijah Muhammad

Malcom X




Spotted 1@ Point Tango


FELICIA (? Chubby):

Brian Green




Ann Coulter

Stephen Colbert

Nietzsche (lol)



Cyr Wheel



Radio telescope

Montreal Jazz Festival



Name, In The News, "Good?  Bad?  Great!"



Open Source & Public Access Publishing


Market Basket (informatics)



Sadhu / Sadhurandhara

People were "Wine Dropped" 60s


Gyroscope.  Aerotrim.  Cyr Wheel.

Bicycle.  Spin bike.  Unicycle.  Stilts.

Stationary bike on reduced aerotrim with gear control

Resistance training on aerotrim with actuated computer control








Ron Garan aboard the ISS​



Recent Game Medals

Fishy Car Ride 5 Points ??? Medal Stats.
Super Fulp Bros. 5 Points ??? Medal Stats.
3 Beer Queer 5 Points ??? Medal Stats.
EXPLORER 25 Points Complete the entire first and second ring of levels. Medal Stats.
Baby Steps 5 Points Complete Level.01.01. Medal Stats.
Master Combo 10 Points Collect 100 combo Medal Stats.
PILGRIM 10 Points Complete the entire first ring of levels. Medal Stats.
Slip and Slide 10 Points Don't hit anything after sliding through an oil slick Medal Stats.
Gun Slinger 25 Points Weaken a hood grappling zombie with 1 weapon, then quickly switch to another weapon to finish it off with one shot Medal Stats.
Persistence 5 Points But there's something wrong! Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 480 (From 74 different games.)

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