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drawing Added to drawings for The Drawing Grounds Dec 6, 2012. Load Level
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drawing Added to drawings for The Drawing Grounds Dec 6, 2012. Load Level
drawing Added to drawings for The Drawing Grounds Dec 6, 2012. Load Level
My Pumpkin Added to pumpkins for Carve n' Share Dec 6, 2012. Load Level
drawing Added to drawings for The Drawing Grounds Dec 6, 2012. Load Level

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Editor's note:

My life has been consumed by Pokémon GO.  I am not diligently updating this chat help blog.  If you want a new link, command, emote, or to provide any feedback please comment below or send me a private message.





Newgrounds general chat

Permanent and Forum wed chatrooms:


Newgrounds General Chat   http://chat.newgrounds.com/r/

Create a new private chat with a unique random name

Chat Support and Feedback Thread   http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1408762

A forum thread for posting chat feedback and reporting bugs

Newgrounds Chat Enhancer in the Google Chrome store https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/newgrounds-chat-enhancer/epocmmmapffmoglnbkgelnegieppalko

NG Chat Enhancer blog post http://jin.newgrounds.com/news/post/965492

The magnificent @Jin has coded a custom Chrome extension which allows you to block other users from your browser instead of using the website's block features.  This solves many issues people have with the onboard blocking feature, such as one-way blocking and being able to block Moderators or Administrators.  

Security note:  Many people are apprehensive about adding chrome extensions for security reasons.  While that is good security protocol, you should be aware that Google always scans chrome store apps for security reasons (Link 1Link 2, Link 3).  In addition, a moderator who doesn't want to endorse the NG Chat Enhancer and myself have looked over the code personally and it is clean as a whistle.


Access the help menu

Generate a link to the Blocked Users page


Generate a help menu for the /set command

Disable username mention and direct message notification sound.


Emote yourself as performing an action


Set and away message which will reply to anyone Direct Messaging you

/dm @[username] or [username]

Send a direct message within the chat to the username of your choosing

/slap [username]

[your username] slaps @[username] around a bit with a large trout

/slap [username1] [username2] [usernameN]

[your username] slaps @[username1], @[username2], and @[usernameN] around a bit with a large trout

/airhorn @[username]

Plays a loud airhorn.mp3 that can only be heard by the user notified

Currently an admin and mod-only command

/kick @[username]

Kicks the selected user from the room

Currently an admin and mod-only command

/ban @[username] [duration] [reason]

Bans the selected user from the room for the specified duration and reason.

Currently an admin and mod-only command.


Alerts the user you have notified with a notification beep if they are not watching the chat window

@[partial username][Tab or Enter Key]

Autocompletes the username you have typed


Generates a hyperlink to the specified Twitter hashtag.


Bold text


Italic text


Strikethrough text


Whitespace-enabled equal width typewriter text for displaying code snippets


Quote text 

ctrl + enter

Newline character


Emoticons for Plebeians


Brings up an emoji menu using the list from emoji.codes


How to use this cheatsheet

  1. Look at the icon grid below, select an emoticon you wish to post.  For example, the 588842_146653109231_ngInlove.png emoticon.
  2. Look up to see the column number for the column containing the icon.  The example emoticon is loctated in Column 3.
  3. Look right to see the row letter for the row containing the icon.  The example icon is located in Row A.
  4. Combine the column number with the row letter.  When those are combined, the example icon is listed a 3A.
  5. Use your browser's search & find function to locate the emoticon listing code to the emoticon chat code in the list.  Include a comma after the number and letter.  Although it is not necessary to include a comma, you will scroll to the wrong location if you do not include the comma.  Our example code is 3A followed by a comma ",".
  6. Your browser will automatically scroll down the list to the proper emoticon code.

How to use your browser's search function:

Windows:  Control+F, a small Search Box will appear in the corner of your screen

Apple & Mac:  Command+F, a small Search Box will appear in the corner of your screen

Android:  Click the three horizontal line button and select the "Find in Page" option

iOS:  Type the emoticon listing code in the address bar and scroll to the bottom of the searchlist to search "On This Page".




Emoticons for Patricians (Create an Account!)


0B, ngSmile

0C, ngLaugh

0D, ngWink

0E, ngCheeky

0F, ngBlush

0G, ngWorried

0H, ngSurprised

0I, ngScared



0L, ngSad


1A, ngCrying


1C, ngAngry

1D, ngRage

1E, ngEvilgrin

1F, ngDull

1G, ngTeehee

1H, ngCute

1I, ngSpeechless

1J, ngWtf

1K, ngAngel

1L, ngDead

1M, ngKiss

2A, ngWondering

2B, ngSmirk

2C, ngCold

3D, ngDoh

2E, ngGrumpy

2F, ngCool

2G, ngNerd



2J, ngSnooze


2L, ngLipssealed


3A, ngInlove

3B, tfPls

3C, tfIndeed

3D, tfHappy

3E, tfBizzaro

3F, tfFart

3G, tfSagely

3H, tfSmoothe

3I, ngBedn

3J, ngCoys

3K, ng2spooky

3L, ngAyy

3M, ngAyy2


Emoticons for Supporters only (Support Newgrounds!)

4A, ngpSmile

4B, ngpWink

4C, ngpCheeky

4D, ngpSpeechless

4E, ngpSurprised

4F, ngpAngry

4G, ngpSad

4H, ngpCool

4I, ngpEvilgrin

4J, ngpRage

4K, ngpAngel

4L, ngpCute

4M, ngpPoo

5A, ngdSmile

5B, ngdWink

5C, ngdCheeky

5D, ngdSpeechless

5E, ngdSurprised

5F, ngdAngry

5G, ngdSad

5H, ngdCool

5I, ngdEvilgrin

5J, ngdCry

5K, ngdSleepy

5L, ngdFire

5M, ngdLighter

6A, ngnSmile

6B, ngnWink

6C, ngnCheeky

6D, ngnSpeechless

6E, ngnSurprised

6F, ngnAngry

6G, ngnSad

6H, ngnCute

6I, ngnEvilgrin

6J, ngnInlove

6K, ngnSleepy

6L, ngnKiss

6M, ngnKnife

End of Supporter only block.

7-9 are the ScepterDPinoy icons, and I'm pretty sure they're going to be renamed so I'm not gonna map them out right now.  Here are the current ones.


7B, ngsLaugh

7C, ngsWink

7D, ngsCheeky

7E, ngsBlush


7G, ngsSurprised

7H, ngsWorried

7I, ngsScared

7J, ngsDisgusted

7K, ngsSad

7L, ngsFeelin

7M, ngsCrying

8A, ngsAnnoyed

8B, ngsAngry

8C, ngsRage

8D, ngsEvilgrin

8E, ngsDull

8F, ngsTeehee

8G, ngsCute

8H, ngsSpeechless

8I, ngsWtf

8J, ngsAngel

8K, ngsDead

8L, ngsKiss

8M, ngsWondering

9A, ngsSmirk

9B, ngsCold

9C, ngsDoh

9D, ngsGrumpy

9E, ngsCool

9F, ngsNerd

9G, ngsSick

9H, ngsBeaten

9I, ngsSleepy

9J, ngsBatshit

9K, ngsBetter

9L, ngsBewbs

9M, ngsInlove


10M+ currently unlisted are Deathink's supporter skull emoticons.

Defunct or Deleted icons

Icons which either have been deleted or are probably temporary


1啊, ngTane

2啊, ayy

Not yet added to grid:

3啊, ngMeme

4啊, ngFatlus

5啊, ngNeckbeard

6啊, ngDank

7啊, ngGrumpycat

8啊, ngYtho

9啊, ngTriggered


More added Aug 8 2016:

ngaMindblown ngaStopit ngaWhoa ngaBadumtss ngaPopmj ngaEagle ngaTriggered ngaDisgonbgud ngaSigh ngaHaha ngaIdont ngaThumbsdown ngaEl1 ngaEl2 ngaEl3 nga2spooky ngaDank

ngDafuq ngWat ngFugandhi ngTane ngYoudontsay ngAckch ngLightning

Ideally, this would be presented as a grid or a chart and people would be able to compare the commands to the emoticons side-by-side, but that isn't doable with the blog markup.

Recent Game Medals

Hello World 5 Points Start playing. Medal Stats.
Act 1 5 Points Complete Act 1 to any rank. Medal Stats.
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Porbeagle Shark 5 Points Lift a Porbeagle Shark! Medal Stats.
Sandbar Shark 5 Points Lift a Sandbar Shark! Medal Stats.
Caribbean Reef Shark 5 Points Lift a Caribbean Reef Shark! Medal Stats.
First Flight 5 Points Your very first flight! Medal Stats.
118 Elements 25 Points Extract atoms from 118 different elements Medal Stats.
118 Knowledge 25 Points Learn at 100% all elements in Knowledge Medal Stats.
Ascension 50 Points Ascension Medal Stats.

Total Medals Earned: 514 (From 75 different games.)

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